Friday, August 27, 2004

Sleep over at Simon's

For the past 3 days and 2 nights i've been staying at Simon's pad with James. His sister and brother went to vegas on a trip.. so he was home alone.

1st night

they came over my house first and we went over to get James' haircut at Kim Soo YOung's in Cerritos, and James didn't like the haircut.. so when the lady asked him if he liked it he replied straight up. "no".. haha.. aigo.
We went to Cerritos Mall to look at some hats.. and i realized my head with all this hair makes it a size of 7 1/2.. ick. But i didn't like any of the hats because the top of the hat pops up and i look like (as pae would say) elmer fud..

Went to Guppy house and had a huge laugh cuz Simon was making fun of 2 girls sitting next to us. One he said looked like Freddy Cougar.. and the other was Wolf-Woman. PUhaha.. so mean yet so funny.

Came back to my house and watched Pari YunIN.. and went over to Simon's afterward. We bought Sam Gyup Sal and soju.. had a good time back at his pad. Simon and James had a fun time trying to style my hair. Neither of them could do anything about my stubborn hair. It just doesn't want to listen to me! Ugh.. i hate my hair.

Jay came over too.. haven't seen his ass in the longest freakin time. James and Simon chatted on Yahoo as Jay watched Soft porn on cable. HAAHHA.. i went to sleep.

2nd day
Simon didn't sleep and went to school at 8am.. i ended up cleaning the mess we left the night before and watched tv. Simon came back home and passed out cuz he was tired. We went to Marshalls and i got a hat that actually fits nicely.. I wanted a Boston Redsox hat.. and they had 1 left for pretty cheap. Yay.. happy about that purchase.

We then went to Pho 2000 and had pho for the first time since like.. January. Went back to Simon's house and watched more TV as Simon/James chatted online again. I fell asleep early.. i guess i was tired.

3rd day
Woke up pretty late and we went to watch Hero (jet li).. and it was a nice movie.. but very slow paced. Quentin is getting sloppy with his movies! We ate McDonalds and came back home. Chilled again for a bit and came home.
Nice to be back home..

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

First meeting with Adam at MI

Yesterday, simon and his brother came over and i tried to fix their computer all night. The OS crashed and so they were trying to reformat the HD, but they didn't have a OS Cd Key.. so i had to install my WinXP for them. However, their HD has been abused so much that it's almost dead.. and i believed there are many bad clusters that can't be repaired.

1. I tried installing a clean copy of Win2k.. but the network card wasn't being read as a card.

2. Tried installing WinXP Pro SP1 - which installed fine, but video card and sound blaster wasn't working

3. Tried installing WinXP Home SP1 - but didn't have the correct CD KEy

4. Tired installing WinXP Pro SP2 - and everything worked fine, until i tried installing Doom3 - and the system crashed and it wouldnt' boot windows anymore. I tried reformatting again using a boot CD, but it wouldn't do that either and just kept freezing. I ended up having to take out the HD, putting it as a slave drive on my computer and formatting it from there.

5. Finally re-installed WinXP Pro SP2, video card, sound blaster, and network card. Gave it back to simon today.

All of that work took literally 12 hours or so.. mostly was waiting for the software to install.. but damn that was long. I started at 9pm and finished around 9am.. slept for about 3 hours and Simon came over in the afternoon and we headed to motor impact to meet Adam who used to work at Macro with Simon for a little while.

I revamped my Resume.. and it looks pretty decent now.. i realized i have 6+ years of experience in the field, which makes me a Mid Level candidate. I printed it, and took it to Adam cuz he wanted a copy. he looked over it, and i guess he was happy at what he saw cuz he said he would call me about the job, and assured me he wanted to make it happen. not sure exactly what that means.

Me, Simon and Adam talked for a good hour about the auto business and how it works and what kind of ppl he was looking for. All in all, it sounds a bit intimidating cuz it's not my level of expertise, but it sounds interesting. Simon is also jobless so, i told him we should work together, and he asked Adam for a job aswell.. and i think his gonna get it.

I dunno, the place is located in Fullerton which is about 30 minutes from my house. Kinda far.. but i think i can deal with it.

After meeting adam, we went to video market, grocery shopping and came back home to order 5,5,5 deal from Domino's and watched Pari Yun In. I'm overstuffed with pizza right now.. SO FULL!

And since we both didn't sleep much, somehow we both fell asleep and woke up 4 hours later. I played Dota for a bit, and now i'm going to bed.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Fifth Wave is now Jungle Beat

Went to Jungle Beat.. or whatever it's called now. It used to be Fifth wave.. but they had to change it i guess cuz of the shooting and death of a that girl. Anyhow.. i went there with mike pae judy.. the usual crowd and had 2 pitchers. We then sang our hearts out at kareoke.

I need to get that resume ready and email it to Pae.. so lazy. But i do jack shit all day.. what the heck am i doing with my life.

The phone pae gave me broke.. i dropped it and the screen blacked out. Thankfully Mike hooked it up with his nokia 8390.. which is a rather old phone if u compare it with all the color/camera phones coming out these days.. but no matter. It works fine.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Sunny's Sister's Wedding

Just got back from the wedding.. a few guys sang.. and oh boy do they suck. I got DAK SAR from listening to them.. aigo. Off pitch.. and no coordination with the music. There were little kids (5-7 years old) that did a dance routine which was very adorable.

Picked up my parents at LAX.. and damn the traffic. Oh our way to the wedding, 105 E. was closed down and we had to look for a detour that took 30 minutes.. on our way back there was massive traffic too.. UGH! LA traffic..

The wedding wasn't that great.. it was aight. I think i coulda planned a better wedding just by myself.
Saw sunny .. but she was busy cuz it was her sister's wedding.. didn't get to talk with her at all.

12 pack of Coor's Light

HI CAROL! I miss u lots! Haven't seen u in like.. too long to remember.

Today, simon and james called me and woke me up at 3pm..

"ey peter, were coming over"..

ok.. so they came over with a 12 pack of coors light.. we drank the whole thing. HAHA.. at 3 oclock in the afternoon. Simon played CS while me and james watched Pokemon and YuGiOh.. went to Carl's for lunch and came home and played CS with Simon after he got home.

I got a wedding to go to tomorrow.. hmm.. will be interesting.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Need to find a job

Been doing some job hunting lately.. which hasn't gone as well as i've planned. I went to this Soon Dubu place, that had a HIRING sign on their door. I walked in, and the lady told me they already found someone..

Err.. Then freakin take down that stupid sign that say, "NOW HIRING" stupid girl. But i have this feeling they were looking for a girl - waitress and wanted to reject me in a nice way. Bleh.

Went over Pae's house cuz it was close from the Soon Dubu place, and hung out for a while. He said he would turn in a resume for me to work at the bank which is an option i have. I went to Starbucks afterwards to hang out with Nancy and Nathan from BR.. and it was really nice seeing them again. I haven't seen them in like 3 weeks. We talked about all the drama at work.. and the bad karma that we got from there.

Went with Simon to Tom's Platinum auto parts store where they distribute korean manufactured parts here in the US for korean cars. The business has been around for 1 year and i guess it's growing pretty fast. I filled out a resume, but they haven't called me back yet.. doubt they will hire me. Simon says we should check out another auto parts store.. but i dunno.

I also applied for the School's computer lab as an assistant. The website says to give 1 week for application reviewer.. hopefully i'll get it there.. i wouldn't mind working at school.

I went to and found a sales job for Canon that pays $12/hour.. which didn't sound too bad.. but haven't sent my resume yet cuz it's done thru a 3rd party that hires ppl. In which case i could be considered contractor that can be fired at will. I'm still thinking about that if the CSULB doesn't hire me. If i can't find a job until Aug. 30th when school starts, i'm thinking of going to the Career Center and checking out jobs there.

I can't wait to graduate after this semester, yet feel a bit scared of what is going to happen afterward. I have been putting some serious thought into moving back home.. but after living by myself for the past 2 years has given me so much freedom and liberty that it might be tough living with the folks in one roof. I guess i'm the type of person that is really independent and enjoy the time i have by myself.

I also might move to Emeryville next to SF and try to get a job at i'm pretty sure i can get hooked up there cuz my ex-manager from Excite works there and wants to hire me. But who knows.. i'm still undecided about that.

Today, my fan on my GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) (video card for u dummies) was acting up and making noises. So i took apart my computer and checked the inside of it.. and DAMN.. so much freakin dust. It was like a tornado went by inside my computer. I spent 2 hours taking out the fans and parts to dust it out which was a total bitch.. and used little tweezers to take out the dust from the fans cuz it can't be taken apart. It was a major bitch cleaning the computer out.. but i feel better about it. I moved the computer on top of my desk which is coo cuz it won't pick up the dust from the carpet.

Later tonight.. for the first time since like April i went out with my homies to Ktown and hit up velvet room. Nothing has changed over there.. same o same o. I talked with my waiter hyung, and he told me he made about 5g's a month. DAMN.. but also told me it was hard to get a job at clubs. Hahah.. figures. Got buzzed from mixing crown and beer.. danced a little and had a good time. It was certainly better than the old days. Maybe cuz it's been so long i haven't gone out.

NOw i'm home.. and these gorillas are sleeping on the floor. passed out! Weak sauces.. i drank more than them too. HAHAH. I miss the old days.. going to Point with my chingoo and going to Ah Ri Rang afterwards.. THOSE were the good old days.

"i'll pay.. "

"no.. I WILL PAY"

"no no no.. i will pay.. u pay next time"

hahahahahahahah.. y3ah!